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Evenement Beschrijving

César Latorre Trabanco, 1979, Gijón, Spain.
Jazz pianist, composer, producer, arranger and teacher based in Northern Spain. César
has studied classical and jazz piano in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and United
States with masters Roberto Méndez, Hal Galper, Wolfgan Koller and Kriss Goesens.
As pianist he has played with artist all around the world, Sheila Jordan, Michael
Mossman, Tino di Geraldo, Petros Klampanis, Sheila Jordan, Tino di Geraldo, Kirby
Shaw, Antonio Hart, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Arionas Gyftakis, Iago Fernandez, Natalio
Sued, Marcos Baggiani, Guillermo Celano, Pere Loewe, Marcel Kröemker, Tomas Merlo,
Andres Litwin, among others.
César appears in jazz and pop recordings, some under his own name, ¨Collage¨and
¨Fastforward¨ with César Latorre Trio, works that contain his own composition performed
together with Petros Klampanis on bass and Artis Orubs on drums. He is also member of
the international quartet NOSTOS and has his own recording studio and label, where he
is devoted to give visibility to the spread of the music of his region
He also performs piano solo, his next album will be ¨Lucidity¨, with own compositions
and arrangements on this format plus electronics.
“…one of the most solid performers and versatile of the Spanish sphere…Latorre gave a
inspired session of lucidity with exquisite virtuosism…” (P. A. Marín Estrada, El
With ballet and contemporary dance, César has worked and created work with the
prestigious English National Ballet, Sadler´s Wells, The Place, Michael Clark and other
important british ballet companies working with ballet masters all over the world.
Latorre´s music vision has been also present in the production of new live sountracks for
films in festivals as SACO or Princess of Asturias Foundation , giving a new sound to
movies as ¨Metropolis¨ (Fritz Lang), ¨The General¨ (Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman),
¨Modern Times¨ (Charles Chaplin) ¨ ¨The Cabinet of Dr Caligary¨ (Robert Wiene) with
great acceptance from large audiences. In this movies he collaborates in diverse setups,
piano solo, duo, trio or quartet, taking advantage of the timbrical posibilities of different
instruments, electronics and effects.
His music was used in the international distributed film documentary ¿Oído? Ellas, la voz
de la gastronomía¨de Sara Cucala, with he collaborates as soundtrack composer for her
As teacher César has worked at Amsterdam Muziekschool (Amsterdam), Merton Music
Foundation (London), TAI (Madrid) and has given improvisation workshops in Portugal,
Spain, Latvia and Greece. He continues to strive for the development of jazz music in his
With great technique and profound musical inteligence, César Latorre gives expression
to whatever feeling and movement. He paints landscapes and is a storyteller, with detail,
intensity, care and humor sense. His compositions and improvisations are full of detail
and are a reflections of his multiple influences. He uses modern harmony and a rich
touch on the piano that always affects the audience, taking them to another place,
pointing them to a colourfull painting in an imaginary museum room.
Links to some of this works:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz4ZaFn3HKY (The General)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsMxcRrgpsk. (Dr Caligari)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYhaBu3StGc&t=921s. (Lucidity)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL_uEnCxfso. (Cesar Latorre Trio)


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