Jon Badiola’s quintet

za09dec16:0016:00 Jon Badiola’s quintet

Evenement Beschrijving

Jon Badiola’s Quintet

The band is formed by five friends from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, all with a deep love for the Jazz tradition, but also with a certain need to explore and look for new sounds or textures within the context of Jazz music.
The music played is mostly assembled by Jon Badiola’s original compositions. Some of Jon’s biggest inspirations at the time of playing or improvising come from great masters like Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown and more, but at the time of making his own music he tries to focus more on the inner melodies and harmonies heard more on a creative point on view.

David Guerreiro – Double Bass
Lucas Trabado – Drums
Albert Waitdløw – Guitar
Ivan Muñoz – Tenor Sax
Jon Badiola – Trumpet


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